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  • Magnetic Ball Stretcher Hodenring
  • Magnetic Ball Stretcher Hodenring von oben
  • Magnetic Ball Stretcher magnetischer Hodenring, geöffnet
  • Magnetic Ball Stretcher Hodenring gehalten
  • Magnetic Ball Stretcher Hodenring, Verpackung
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Sextreme Steel

Magnetic Ball Stretcher

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  • Penis ring/ball stretcher made of stainless steel
  • With practical magnetic closure
  • Excitingly stretches the testicles
  • Heavy piercing

Magnetic ring for penis and balls!
A ballstretcher has the task of enclosing the scrotum above the testicles and stretching it. This results in the testicles themselves being pushed into the end of the scrotum. So the longer the ballstretcher itself is, the more weight and stretching capacity it has. This ranges from a light, horny, enclosed feeling to a strong pulling, with an intentional, light to strong feeling of pain. This example is a ring and stretcher in one and has a strong magnet in the removable part of the ring and allows easy insertion of the testicles.
Silver-colored cock ring/ball stretcher made of stainless steel with a magnetic segment to open and close.

  • Inside Ø 34 mm
  • Outer Ø 63 mm
  • Ring thickness 20 mm
  • Weight 341g
  • metal